I was born in Seoul, Korea.
I received BFA from School of Visual Arts NYC.  During my school years, I had a chance to study at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Image imprimée major, Paris, France as an exchange student. 
Artist Statement

Human memory and empathy are the main focus of my work.  How they interact with each other and create a unique individual human being is fascinating to me; a small incident, a certain smell, music, or a picture that provokes something inside of us to bring up specific memories. 

I realized I cannot know what others think or feel, but I assume it through my own memories.  Our memories create who we are and no one two people's memories are the same.  That is one of the biggest barriers for people to come across. Luckily, we have empathy, which allows us to put ourselves in other’s shoes.  With empathy, we see other’s pain, happiness, and other emotions inside of us. We have compassion towards them.  This realization and curiosity lead me to create art showing how I see the world and to provoke other's memories.

When I think about certain memories, it is never whole.  I usually work with my own photographs. I like the idea of capturing everything even if it is something I cannot remember.  When I create art with them, I bring my memory and the feeling I had in that moment.  I project it onto my art.  Some parts will be detailed and some will be erased.  Therefore, my work will be my own memory in physical form.  I hope my art triggers my audience to recall certain memories.  When this happens, my art will truly be complete.
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