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In August 2018, there was a reunion of separated family members from North and South Korea. The news was hard to bare.
One elderly man told his story in an interview that he had to escape from the house when the war started. He left his younger siblings in the North and came to the South. He was nine years old at that time. He was crying and said he should’ve lived or died together with his siblings and he will ask for forgiveness from them.
His story made me think about my grandmother. During the war, she was hiding in a shed with her children. A bomb hit the shed and one of my uncles lost his leg. My grandmother had to run, leaving him behind to save other children. My aunt told me that every time my grandmother told the story, she said “I couldn’t even put dirt on his leg…I couldn’t even put dirt on his leg…”. She was probably so happy and proud to watch her children grow, but never forgot about her lost son.
I had to question myself if I can blame them for what they did. My grandmother and the elderly man must have a big knot in their hearts that is never going to be untied. Certainly, I cannot blame their suffering.
I wish someday soon, all the separated families on the Korean peninsula, can visit each other freely.  If we can see our loved ones whenever we want, we are blessed.
Happy New Year everyone.
My Old Dog
My mom sent me videos of our dog in Korea.  He is 15 years old.  He is getting older and older every time I see him in pictures and videos.  This time, I could see the difference significantly.
He started walking slowly and unevenly.  Even though I was smiling at the video, my heart was aching.  What made me sadder was my excitement about having a new dog.  My old dog and my new dog were overlapped and blurred with tears in my eyes.
I didn’t know much about dogs. I was young and naive when I adopted him, along with my first dog who died eight years ago.  After I learned how to take care of a dog, I was already too far away.  I couldn’t even be there for my first dog when she died.  Perhaps the eagerness of wanting to be a better companion for my new dog makes me sentimental.  I sometimes accidentally call my new dog with my old dog’s name and that always chokes me up.
I haven’t seen him in over a year now.  I’m not sure when I’ll see him but I hope I can have more time to walk with him.
After Dinner
Our newly adopted dog had a few favorite spots to lay down in the house.  One of them is against the kitchen counter.  We don’t let him near the dining table while we are eating, but he can join us when we are done or when we’re talking with some drinks.  Then he laid down leaning on the wall and sleeps.
One night, my husband thought it could be cold next to the wall and went down and lay next to our dog.  He adjusted his position quickly into my husband’s arms and they both fell asleep fast.  I heard heavy breathing from both of them and it made me yawn.
It was a relaxing and calm evening.
Morning Sun
We recently adopted a dog from a humane society.  There is an elementary school near our apartment and I walk with my dog there every morning around the time the kids go to school.  As most dogs from shelters do, our dog has quite a few problems we are working on. But one thing he is good with is people.  He just loves everyone.  We don’t want him to lose that friendliness, especially with children.  So I go to the school in the morning and afternoon when I can manage the right timing.
One morning next to the school, I looked up and saw the sun. It was a very foggy day.  I love looking at the sun, moon, and stars, especially at odd times.  We often see the changing shapes of the moon but almost never see the shape of the sun.  That morning, I was surprised how round the sun was! (Such a weird realization)
Going out for my dog multiple times a day isn’t easy.  I often need to break from my work.  But I love walking with him.  It gives him joy and that gives me great happiness.  The chances to see beautiful moments throughout the day is a huge plus.
How often do you walk with your dogs?  Haven’t gone out with them yet today?  How about going on a stroll right now!
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